KI’s Annual Concert, November 7, Stars The “Jewish Cowboy,” Scott Gerber

Keneseth Israel’s concert will have a unique twist, Sunday evening, November 7, at 7 p.m. Scott Gerber, the world renowned “Jewish Cowboy” will be headlining the event, backed up by Cantors Sharon Hordes, David Lipp and The Lost Tribe Band.

Gerber is the Richtiker Chaigetz (the genuine article) not a store bought rhinestone cowboy. He’ll be bringing to Louisville’s Jews the shetel songs handed down to him from his mother, her mother before and countless Eastern European Jews, reflecting the general themes of hard work and hard lives. These songs were sung and learned in Petaluma, CA, on the once thriving chicken ranches established by those Jews.

Their lifestyle and ideals were based on far left-wing Socialism while still holding strongly to their Yiddishkeit. Despite being secular, they felt they could still all be Balebatisheh Yids (respectable Jews) as long as they were activists for all, Jews and non-Jews alike.

These days, the chicken ranches are long gone, but Scott has kept his family’s agricultural roots by actively working on cattle ranches.

Concert goers (a.k.a. Pardners) are encouraged to wear western attire and enjoy a one-of-a-kind night of music to stir memories. A dessert reception featuring pies made with local and sustainably-raised pumpkin and squash, and other delights will follow.

This concert kicks off a year-long series of events at Keneseth Israel on Jewish environmental and social justice, including a February showing of Food Stamped, with a follow up lecture by producer Shira Potash.

Discounted advance tickets, $14 each, are available by calling Keneseth Israel, 459-2780 or by going directly to At the door, tickets will be $16.

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