Jonathon Raley joins Trager Family JCC staff as Engagement & Development Director 

By Amy Joseph Landon
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Jonathon Raley has been named Engagement and Development Director at the Trager Family JCC.

Born in Bullitt County, Kentucky, Jonathon attended the University of Louisville, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a concentration in Mass Media Broadcasting and PR. He minored in English and Religious Studies. Jonathon lives in Louisville with his husband, two teenaged kids, and two dogs.  

His interest in world religions propelled him into his first job at Bethlehem High School in Bardstown, KY, where he taught Religion. He calls it “one of the most rewarding jobs you could have” because he experienced eye-opening moments where students understood there was a larger world around them. He discovered early on, that though his job was to teach his students about world religions, he learned a lot from them, too. Years later, his connection with his students has not diminished. “I still consider them ‘my kids’” Raley explains, “it’s amazing to see their impact on the world.” 

He continued to make an impact on families while working at Gilda’s Club. Working in Development, he planned events that helped their mission of providing emotional and social support for people living with cancer along with their friends and family. Throughout the planning process, he appreciated accounting for varying perspectives, and seeing how a great event can leave an amazing impact beyond fundraising, becoming a way to bring people together. It was there he found his love of community building.  

From these experiences, he says, “I learned from some of the best.” His connection to the Trager Family JCC began when he joined the fitness center. After coming to the facility regularly, he recognized, “this mission is more than just the four walls – it’s really about the people.” He realized people can find meaning in all stages of life – there is something for everyone here. “Trying to wrap my mind around the breadth of what we do here is the biggest challenge so far. Seeing what we do and how it brings the community together has been really eye-opening. The kind, open, and welcoming members have really been phenomenal.” 

He is honored to be in a new position and to see where it leads. He is looking forward to seeing events, engagement, and fundraising from a 30,000-foot view. He is interested to see how all of our departments, from CenterStage to Early Learning Center to Aquatics interact, and how those teams can create programs that excite, unite and engage our community. Mostly, he is excited about meeting our members and getting to form relationships with so many people who interact with the JCC.  

Jonathon would love to meet you for coffee, lunch, or a post-workout drink of water. Feel free to reach out to him to say hello at 


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