JFNA Offers Specialty Missions

When Annual Federation Campaign volunteers and professionals talk about the importance of raising money for the 2014 Campaign, they often say, together, we do extraordinary things.

This is much more than a tagline. It is an accurate description of what the dollars raised for the Campaign do. Frequent articles in Community, like the editorial on page 1 of this paper detail some of the wonderful things that Campaign dollars make possible.

Stories in newspapers, even when accompanied by photos, can’t come close to conveying the real impact Campaign dollars have. Only by going on a mission and seeing firsthand the extraordinary things we do together, can we truly understand the importance of the Annual Federation Campaign and the real difference we make for tikkun olam – the repair of the world.

Throughout the year, the Jewish Federations of North America plans missions for people whose interests and resources are similar, to promote understanding. Right now, two special missions for major donors are being offered. Over the course of the year, a variety of other missions will be offered for young leaders, Campaign leaders and other affinity groups.

Members of the King David Society, those who make an annual commitment to the Federation Campaign of $25,000 or more, are invited to participate in a mission to Morocco, April 27-May 4.

Participants will journey to the ancient Jewish communities of Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakesh and experience their rich Jewish history and unique culture. They will meet with political leaders, economic experts, diplomats, journalists and young people, who are changing the face of Morocco’s Jewish community.

This is an opportunity for King David Society members to share their passionate concern for issues that affect the Jewish people, exchange ideas with their peers and to be inspired by when they see the extraordinary things we do first-hand.

The land-only cost of the mission is $4850. The single supplement is $1570.

Those who make an annual commitment to the Federation Campaign of $100,000 or more, are invited to participate in the Prime Minister’s Council Mission, September 13-22. Known as “A Trilogy of History, Heroes, Haute Cuisine,” mission participants will visit the wind-swept coast of Normandy, where Allied forces changed the course of history; Paris, one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, rich in art, gastronomic splendor and home to an extraordinary Jewish community; and Jerusalem, where every stone evokes the saga of our people. Participants will also meet with world leaders on this trip.

JFNA also plans missions throughout the year for families, young adults, Campaign volunteers and other affinity groups at many different levels of Campaign giving. There are also opportunities to visit Israel through Partnership 2Gether and Birthright Israel

For more information about any of these missions, contact Stew Bromberg, 238-2755 or sbromberg@jewishlouisville.org or contact the development office, 238-2739.

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