JFCS Shabbos Friends Program Continues to Grow

Shabbos Friends is a volunteer-driven outreach program where JFCS volunteers visit Jewish seniors living in independent, assisted living and nursing facilities. On the third Friday of each month, a JFCS volunteer will visit an assigned facility and spend time with the Jewish residents there, sharing the Sabbath prayers with each individual.

The program just started last month but has proven to be a meaningful experience for everyone. To date, there are volunteers visiting 59 Jewish residents in nine different facilities in the Louisville area each month.

When living in a facility, so many decisions are made by administrators for the individuals who live there, such as the time for meals, types of meals, shower schedules, outing destinations, etc. Sometimes the spiritual needs of residents are not considered. Seniors still have the need for meaning, for purpose and for hope. They often have the need to engage in religious activities to feel connected to God and to their traditions.

Shabbos Friends is providing that connection. JFCS volunteers visit with electric Shabbat candles, provided by an anonymous donor, wine (grape juice) and fresh, mini challahs crafted by The Bakery. Prayers are shared, and often this becomes a time to reminisce, to reflect and to be thankful.

More volunteers and donors are needed for this project. To get involved, please contact Shelley Kahn at JFCS at 452-6341 or email at: skahn@jfcslouisville.org.

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