Jewish Community Relations Council Statement on Refugees

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Louisville is firmly opposed to President Trump’s executive orders that would restrict entry for refugees from predominantly Muslim countries, halt federal funding for “sanctuary cities” and expand detention for immigrants and asylum-seekers.

Today, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we are particularly reminded of the consequences of turning away those fleeing persecution. Vigorously-vetted refugees coming from war-torn Muslim countries should be welcomed into our country. We cannot let our legitimate concerns about radical Islam undermine our history of providing a home for immigrants. America has proven it can achieve its security goals while also welcoming refugees and immigrants.

The Jewish community is justly sensitive to the plight of those fleeing persecution and seeking a better life here in the United States. Many of us are the children and grandchildren of immigrants. Our long history of welcoming immigrants is deeply rooted in Jewish values and informs us to reject any actions aimed at negatively stigmatizing refugees and immigrants. The President’s actions do just that, not only by severely restricting asylum seeking immigration from the most war-torn countries on earth, but by creating a hostile atmosphere of suspicion for the immigrants already here.

We urge our national leadership to oppose these orders and work towards overturning them.

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