JCL Update 04/03/09

[Archived from April 3, 2009]

[by Shiela Steinman Wallace]

The Jewish Community Association of Louisville (JCAL), the new agency that will result from the consolidation of the Jewish Community Federation and the Jewish Community Center, is moving closer to reality.

A general call for nominations for Board and committee members, as reported in the last issue of Community, closed on March 27. JCC Executive Director Robin Stratton reports that 51 nominations were received from the open call and hundreds of other names, brought by committee members and staff, are being considered.

The Nominating Committee is working in a rapid, yet thorough, manner to nominate an experienced, energetic, creative, diligent, and well-represented group of people to lead this important, new organization forward,” said committee chair Craig Greenberg. This will result in a true community board that includes individuals from all parts of the community who will work together for the good of the entire community.

“The Nominating Committee has worked very hard during a series of meetings to develop a list of board nominees which reflects the many strengths and diversity of our community,” added Yachad Kadima/Together Forward Co-Chair David Kaplan. “When our recommendations have been finalized, we look forward to bringing them before the Joint Steering Committee and both the JCC and Federation Boards.”

Work is also proceeding on bylaws that will establish a general framework for JCAL, defining the basic structure of the new agency, so when the nomination process is complete and the new Board is in place, JCAL will be a reality.

“These bylaws will establish the Jewish Community Association of Louisville as a workable and inclusive entity,” Yachad Kadima Co-Chair Helene Kramer Longton said, “that relies on robust committees. There will be lots of opportunities for community members to serve on lay-led committees that will deal with programming, facilities, finance and more.”

“It’s all getting pretty exciting,” said Yachad Kadima Co-Chair Julie Ellis. “I am hopeful that as a merged entity, we will be able to reach out to many more Jews in Louisville.”

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