JCC Preschool Celebrates Thanksgiving

Preschoolers in the Jewish Community Center’s Gimel and Daled classes (three and four year olds) had an early Thanksgiving celebration on Friday, November 16. The Gimel class dressed up like Indians and made a kosher gorp snack that included raisins and M&M’s. The Daled class dressed up like Pilgrims and made mini pumpkin cheesecakes.

When all the preparations were done, the two classes came together to share a snack. They sat on the floor around a pretend fire. The teachers even dimmed the lights and read a Thanksgiving story to make it more special.

The younger children in the Aleph and Bet classes (16 month and 2 year olds) got in on the fun, too. Each child got to choose to dress up as an Indian or a Pilgrim, and they all participated in preparing their snacks.

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