J to step up greening to earn Hazon seal

The J will spend the next year improving sustainable practices around its Dutchmans Lane center as it strives to earn

The Hazan Seal of Sustainability. The J will work this coming year to earn this distinction.

a national greening program for Jewish organizations.

The seal is organized by Hazon, an international Jewish sustainability nonprofit. The program recently wrapped up its pilot year.
Earning the seal involves consulting with sustainability experts, staff training and networking. As part of the process, The J will take a series of audits to assess its current capacity in three areas: food, animal welfare and food justice; facilities and energy; and healthy ecosystems.
After identifying potential areas of improvement through these audits and through consultation with Hazon staff, the J will choose three greening projects to work on over the course of the next year.

Community will carry updates on the sustainability project in future issues.

A group of staff and lay volunteers, led by the J’s JOFEE Fellow, Michael Fraade, will form a Green Team to help spearhead projects for the Seal. Anyone interested in joining the Green Team or suggesting a sustainable project for the community can contact Fraade at mfraade@jewishlouisville.org.

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