Florence Melton School Celebrates Jewish Learning

After two years of studying together, the graduating class of The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning of Louisville gathered together with friends and family at Adath Jeshurun for a Celebration of Learning/Graduation ceremony.

After presentations by the Melton faculty and four Melton students (Cynthia Canada, Sandy Flaksman, Sydney Hymson and David Leibson), Louisville Melton Director, Deborah Slosberg presented the graduates, who received certificates from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The 28 graduates are part of 3,000 Melton students at 52 sites around the world attending graduation ceremonies this month. Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, a project of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is the largest pluralistic adult Jewish education network in the world and in Louisville we are proud to be a part of this global network.

The event was a culmination of two years of enriching study. The graduates agreed that this is not an end to their study, but a significant entry into lifelong Jewish study. Melton offers graduate courses, and with Jewish learning now a way of life for them, they look forward to the new study opportunities that Louisville Melton has to offer.

In the Celebration of Learning written program, many of the graduates shared thoughts on the Melton experience.

Frances Bloom wrote, “I wasn’t sure I wanted to pursue a two-year course of study when I began my Melton classes. I found the classes and discussions to be much more thought-provoking, challenging, and interesting than I anticipated.”

Anita Yussman commented, “The most important thing [I have gained] is an increased ability to think critically, examining topics based upon how they’ve been viewed over time, across denominations, and across cultures.”

Eddie Bornstein added, “I believe that [the Melton program] is a worthwhile endeavor for any person (Jewish or not) who wishes to know more about Judaism and the Jewish people.”

Dana Dugatkin said, “I can truthfully say that I eagerly looked forward to and loved every minute of our classes. I had wonderful teachers who encouraged discussion and provided such detailed information and answers to all our questions.”

Carol Behr noted, “There are not enough words to describe how much I have enjoyed this experience. The first year was like a revelation to me, examining and answering the many questions I had in my mind. … To say that I was inspired and fascinated by my teachers over the past two years is clearly an understatement. They were so interesting and always kept me wanting to hear or discuss more. The second year was very different, but so thought provoking.”

Mazal tov to the graduates: Carol Behr, Shellie Benovitz, Bob Bittner, Jaye Bittner, Frances Bloom, Ed Bornstein, Cynthia Canada, Dana Dugatkin, Sandra Flaksman, Esther Fox, Annette Geller, Harry Geller, Bruce Gale, Simon Isham, Joan Klein, David Leibson, Phyllis Leibson, Heather Martin, Jennifer Payton, Susan Rostov, Julie Sabes, Lottie Samuel, Bernerd Shaikun, Joan Simunic, Elaine Stern, Jean Trager, Sandi Weiss and Anita Yussman.
The schedule for fall semester is available now. For further information on how you can sign up for classes, please contact: Deborah Slosberg at dslosberg@adathjeshurun.com or online, www.jewishlouisville.org/melton.


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