First cohort of J-MAP selected; mentors, mentees paired

Jewish Family & Career Services and the Jewish Federation of Louisville have announced the first cohort of J-MAP, the Jewish Mentorship Alliance for Professionals.
Funded in part by the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence, the six-month mentorship program helps young Jewish Louisville professionals navigate career advancement and professional development.
The first cohort includes 10 pairs of mentors and mentees. The mentors are Carlyn Altman, Jacqueline Brill, Dr. Rachel Davis-Stockton, Seth Gladstein, Lisa Goldberg, Jordan Green, Micah Jorrisch, Amy Landon, Becky Ruby Swansburg and Corey Shapiro.
The young professional mentees are Hannah Beker, Jodi Dubrovensky, Dr. Allison Feit, Rachel Goldenberg, Lesli Harad, Bonnie McCullagh, Erin Miller, Justin Sayers, Justin Smith and Madeline Winer.
The cohort actually began in late June with an interactive group presentation on Myers-Briggs personality types led by JFCS Career Counselor and J-MAP co-coordinator, Erin Heakin.
“We thought it would be useful for the mentees and mentors to have a common language to use to understand each other better and improve communication,” Heakin said.
After learning their individual Myers Briggs type, mentors and mentees began to set goals for their partnerships.
“I have enjoyed getting to know Erin [Miller] and understanding how she wants to develop personally and professionally,” said Micah Jorrisch, director of development at Family & Children’s Place and a J-MAP mentor. “I have been very fortunate to have wonderful mentors in my life, and I hope that I can have a positive impact on Erin’s journey.”
J-MAP was created to help young professionals find direction as they begin their careers.
“I am really happy that I signed up for J-MAP; it has been another way to develop myself as a young professional,” said Justin Sayers, a breaking news reporter for the Courier-Journal and J-MAP mentee. “It has been nice to have somebody who could provide advice during such a crazy stage of my life.”
J-MAP also gives more seasoned professionals an opportunity to share their experience.
“Thus far, my experience with the J-MAP program has been very fulfilling,” said Seth Gladstein, lawyer and J-MAP mentor. “Not only have I met a group of young Jewish professionals who are committed to Louisville and its Jewish Community, but I have also had the opportunity to give some career and life advice to someone just starting his career.”
Applications for the second cohort of mentorship pairs will open this winter.

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