Federation events promote support for the 2019 Annual Campaign

The Jewish Federation of Louisville’s Annual Campaign, themed “Impact of Together,” which kicked off in September, is offering a variety of programs and activities this year to grow support for Jewish services and agencies here.
“We need to keep running the daily operations and programs that we have run with the Annual Campaign while we’re building the future of the community,” said Ariel Kronenberg, who along, with his wife, Faina, are co-chairing this year’s drive. “I’ve been saying it at every opportunity we have, and hopefully people will listen and act accordingly.”
His statement about the community’s “future” was a reference to the Capital Campaign, which also is underway.
The Annual Campaign’s programs and events include some designed specifically for men or women, programs by invitation only and activities that are open to the entire community.
Among this year’s programs and activities are:
• Innovation Series: Two programs remain in the five-part series dedicated to innovation in Israel and Louisville. At 6 p.m., Monday, October 29, a panel of local and Israeli environmentalists will speak at the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute, 302 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd., on innovations in environmental engagement; At 5:30 p.m., Monday, November 5, Avi Jorisch, entrepreneur and Middle East expert, will talk about the Jewish drive to innovate at GE’s First Build.
• Lion of Judah Dinner, November 13: Lion of Judah is a philanthropic group for women who generously give at or above $5,000;
• Gentlemen at the Downs, November 18: Back again after a successful debut last year, this men-only campaign event is a day at the track with food, drinks and company. Churchill Downs provides a private room and balcony. Attendees are encouraged to donate a minimum of $1,000 to the Federation Annual Campaign.
• Community Telethon, January 27: The day when the Federation reaches out to the entire community, volunteers will gather at The J to make calls and ask families to commit to an increased investment in the local community or overseas.
• Major Gifts Herzlian Dinners (ongoing) – Inspired by Theodore Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, and the discussion-based dinners he held in his home, the Herzlian dinners is a seven-part series of home-hosted events during which guests that generously give at or above the $5,000 level get to learn from guest speakers on specific topics. Still to come in the series are Daniel Worley, a professor of music at the University of Louisville, who will speak November 11 on Jews in rock ‘n’ roll; Rabbi Joe Rooks Rapport, of The Temple, who will speak on November 15 on Lewis Dembitz, a German-American legal scholar and his impact on American Jewish movements; and the artistic staff of the Actors Theatre on February 4, who will talk about their Irving Berlin performance.
All these events can be found online at the Community Calendar, jewishlouisville.org/community-calendar.
Co-chair Kronenberg lauded last year’s campaign, which raised more than $2 million and added 195 new donors to the rolls. The challenge is now to move beyond those numbers.
“It was efficient, Kronenberg said of last year’s campaign, “and we are doing the same things that we did last year. We’re starting earlier, so hopefully we will catch people in time to get their pledges before they go on their winter getaways. We’re hoping major givers understand and are aware that this is just as important or more important than ever in my opinion.”
Acknowledging that the Capital Campaign’s goal – a new state-of-the-art J – can capture the imaginations of donors, it is the Annual Campaign that fuels the day-to-day operation of Jewish Louisville.
Stacy Gordon-Funk, JCL vice president of philanthropy, said she looks forward to working with the Kronenbergs on this year’s campaign.
“It’s wonderful to continue to work with Ariel and Faina for a second year on the Federation Annual Campaign,” she said. “They understood that a vibrant annual campaign is a hallmark of a healthy Jewish community. I am so grateful to both of them and all the other volunteer who make the campaign successful every year.”

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