Catch Big Fish While You Can at CenterStage

Big Fish 11x17Big Fish: The Musical, presented by CenterStage and Platinum Travel, is a magical whopper of a tale about a father and son’s complicated life journey, the incredible power of storytelling and the unending strength of unconditional love.

The heart and humor-filled saga, perfect for the whole family, runs Thursday, Jan. 28, through Sunday, Feb. 14, at the Jewish Community Center of Louisville’s Linker Auditorium.

Based on the 1998, Daniel Wallace novel Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions and the 2003 Tim Burton-directed and Academy Award-nominated film adaptation, this new musical focuses on the tumultuous relationship of father and son Edward and Will Bloom.

Edward, a jovial traveling salesman from a small Alabama town, is perhaps best known and loved for regaling his life journey with incredible tales filled with fantastic characters such as witches, giants and mermaids. Edward, with his devoted wife Sandra always beside him, mesmerizes all who cross his path. All, that is, but his cynical son Will.

As his father nears the end of his life, and the birth of his son quickly approaches, Will sets out to learn what is real and what is not in regards to Edward’s tales. His research into his father’s tales leads him down a path to self-discovery and ultimately to learning who his father really is. The story flashes back and forth from the present to the past, and is full of stunning storybook-like sequences. Big Fish has been compared to such legendary works as The Wizard of Oz and The Odyssey.

CenterStage Artistic Director John R. Leffert was enchanted by the show when he saw it on Broadway. “Having recently lost my father, I was moved beyond belief when I saw this musical on Broadway. It is storytelling at its best. Each character is complex. Each word is perfect and carefully chosen. Each note and melody strike the perfect emotional chord.” stated Leffert. “I knew I had to direct this piece and couldn’t wait to bring it to our CenterStage audiences.”

The musical premiered on Broadway in 2013. Tony nominee, Andrew Lippa, (The Wild Party, Addams Family) composed the music and lyrics, and the book is by John August, who also wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation.

Big Fish: The Musical is an unconventional story of life, love, hope, dreams, truth and family. Its soaring, heart-tugging score is brimming with gorgeous love songs- “Daffodils,” “Closer to Her”- powerful anthems- “Be the Hero,” “Fight The Dragons”- and magical, fantasy sequences – “I Know What You Want,” “Red, White and True.”

CenterStage’s production stars Pete Lay as Edward, Mitch Donahue as Will, Melissa Shepherd as Edward’s wife, Sandra, Margo Wooldridge as Will’s fiancée, Josephine, Frank Goodloe III and Jason Cooper as Edward’s pals, Karl and Amos, Jessica Adamson as The Witch, and Jennifer Poliskie as Edward’s childhood girlfriend, Jenny Hill.

Don’t miss your chance to be swept away by Big Fish: The Musical as you journey alongside Edward’s through his musical, mythic journey. This modern classic is perfect for the entire family!

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