B’nai Tzedek Helps Teens Become Philanthropists

Thanks to the Jewish Community of Louisville’s Foundation for Planned Giving, middle schoolers are adding another component to their bar/bat mitzvah experience by becoming young philanthropists through the B’nai Tzedek program. The program allows teens to celebrate in a different way, by giving back to the community. B’nai Tzedek brings a “tikkun olam” or “repair the world” approach to the teens. Any young person in our community can join the program, even if he or she has already celebrated a bar or bat mitzvah.

Teens establish charitable endowments in their own names with a donation of at least $300 from their bar/bat mitzvah gifts and a $200 grant from the Lewis D. Cole B’nai Tzedek Fund. The funds grow through interest earnings and optional additional donations.

Each year participants have the opportunity to make donations from the available income generated by their funds to charities of their choice in the area. B’nai Tzedek allows each individual to repair the world in their own eyes, the JCL offers suggestions for organizations however the choice is left to the fund holder. The amount donated each year will vary, however it will usually be at least five percent of the principal.

B’nai Tzedek is a great way to become a young philanthropist within our community and be a part of something special. This program guides teens in becoming the best middle schoolers with the ability to offer social programs along the way. B’nai Tzedek is more than an endowment fund, each teen will be interacting with other teens from Louisville as well as other cities on a social basis to complete the program. Currently 104 teens have established B’nai Tzedek funds and this number is growing steadily. After teens create their funds, they become part of a special group of young philanthropists who all share the same goal, to make this world a better place one person at a time.

If you or your teen would like to become part of the B’nai Tzedek program, please contact David Siskin at 238-2701 or dsiskin@jewishlouisville.org

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