Bizer Endows JFCS Emergency Services

Rachel came to Jewish Family & Career Services for help in paying a utility bill. She had just started a new job, was paying off large medical expenses and was scared that her utilities would be cut.

Josh came to JFCS for help with prescription medication that he needed but for which he could not pay the full cost.

Bill came to JFCS when he had unexpected major car repairs to be done and needed his car to get to work.
All of these Jewish individuals were facing financial issues and with a little help, they could stay on their feet. JFCS has always helped Jewish individuals and families with emergency financial assistance.

After intensive assessments that look at resources, other sources of funds in the community, need and individual assistance, JFCS case workers help Jewish individuals and families pay rent, pay a utility bill, purchase medicine and provide other short-term assistance.  During the recent and continuing economic crisis, more Jewish individuals and families have faced temporary financial crises.

Bonnie Bizer, a JFCS Board member, has always cared deeply for the needs of Jewish individuals and families. In hearing these kinds of stories and recognizing that there are not always places or people to whom Jews can go for help, she decided to act. She established and endowed a new fund at JFCS – the Bonnie Bizer Emergency Services Fund for Jewish Individuals and Families.

“This fund will help out with some of the emergency financial needs that many of our clients are facing,” says Executive Director Judy Freundlich Tiell. “We are so grateful to Bonnie for her recognition of this ongoing issue and the fact that even if some people are working, they do not have any kind of safety net in the event of an emergency situation.  JFCS is here to help.”

“With the active work of the Food Pantry Committee, we are addressing many of the needs of the hungry in our community. I hope that this fund adds other resources to help with emergency needs and raises awareness that we must help our Jewish brethren,” Bizer said. “I am so grateful that there is an agency like JFCS in our community that can work with people in a confidential, dignified way.”

Donations to the Bonnie Bizer Emergency Services Fund for Jewish Individuals and Families can be made through the JFCS website, by calling JFCS at 452-6341 or by mailing a check to JFCS at 2821 Klempner Way, Louisville, KY 40205.

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