APPKI Thanks Jewish Community for Pakistani Flood Assistance

Dear All,

We would like to share the heartfelt news that Jewish Community of Louisville has collected donations for Pakistan flood relief to support the flood victims devastated by natural disaster of such a huge magnitude.

We are planning to use this donation in the rebuilding phase in the flood-affected areas and would dedicate it to JCL. We would also keep JCL updated with the progress of relief projects that are being undertaken by APPKI [American Physicians of Pakistani Descent in Kentucky and Indiana].

JCL has also extended a kind invitation for APPKI members to attend the Interfaith Chanukah Party on December 7, at 7 p.m. at the JCC. Please try to attend this event to thank our Jewish friends in person for their generosity and thoughtfulness. 

We hope that our collaboration would start a journey of mutual understanding and respect that would lead our communities to be role model for the rest of the world. Maybe we are laying the first stone for such a strong relationship that may facilitate the solution of other complex problems one day.

Please remember that we share the common bond of humanity while believing in the same Creator that is much superior that any man made differences. God willing we all would see better times in our planet, when peace and love would prevail over hatred and bigotry.


Muhammad Babar,

Abdul Jabbar and 
Asim Piracha

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