All Calm at IU

In the December 3 issue of Community, we reported on some anti-Semitic incidents at the Indiana University, Bloomington Campus. Some rocks were thrown through windows and some books were desecrated, but no one was injured.

We are pleased to report that there have been no further incidents on the campus. The entire IU community came together in support of the Jewish community, along with other faith communities and groups in the area.

Indiana University Police have issued an arrest warrant in one of these incidents for 54 year old Mark Zacharias of Elletsville, Indiana, who oversees the Hutton Honors college program at Indiana University.  An eye-witness saw him hurl a rock at a glass display case of the Jewish Studies program at Goodbody Hall.  He is also a suspect in the other recent anti-Semitic incidents on campus, and he has hired an attorney and is expected to turn himself in shortly.

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