AJ Music Fest Includes Children’s Art Contest

[by Cantor David Lipp]

“Each of Us Has a Name” and the 2011 Adath Jeshurun Music Festival’s name is “Gematria.”

Inspired by a poem of that name by Zelda, one of Israel’s most loved poets, the AJ Music Festival for 2011 will itself inspire, featuring homegrown talent and artistry.

Voces Novae, the stunning choral ensemble, will once again grace the congregation’s bima. Voces, under the baton of Frank A. Heller III, is celebrating its 18th, chai, anniversary.

The concert will also feature a musical piece written by local composer, Jeremy Beck, inspired by Zelda’s poem and performed by members of the Louisville Orchestra, past and present.

Call for Entries

To delight the eyes along with taste buds, a dessert reception after the concert will include a display of art by students. Any child in grades 3 though 12 may create and enter a painting or drawing inspired by Zelda’s poem. “Each of Us Has a Name” can be found at http://israel.poetryinternationalweb.org/piw_cms/cms/cms_module/index.php?obj_id=3275.

Art works should be submitted to the AJ office no later than Tuesday, March 1, at 5 p.m., and should include a note with the name of the artist and his/her grade level. The artists who create the first 40 accepted entries will receive one free ticket to the concert.

The 40th annual AJ Music Festival will be March 13 at 7 p.m. The festival is endowed by the Adolf and Sara van der Walde and Israel Rosenbloum Charitable Fund.

As to the name, Gematria, you will have to read next Community’s article for that! ’Til then, it remains a mystery.

For more information about the project or the concert, contact Carre Tucker at AJ at ctucker@adathjeshurun.com or 458-5359.

Tickets to the concert and information about patronage opportunities can also be found at http://2011ajmusicfestival.eventbrite.com/

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