African Migrants in Israel Victims of Violence in Their Home Countries and Israel, to be Deported

In recent years, Africans have made their way to Israel, a journey that is extremely perilous.  To get to Israel these people have had to walk long distances, risk being killed by bandits and the Egyptian government (which shoots these people on sight), and often had to pay money to sneak across the border to Israel with the promise of a liberal western society with jobs available.  Their numbers have swelled to an estimated 75,000, and the Israeli government is now in the process of rounding them up and deporting them back to their home countries.

This is a very complex and conflicting issue for Israel and Jews worldwide.  Many Israelis do not want them in the country as they perceive them to be a source of crime and a threat to the Jewish character of the state.  Their opposition has even lead to mob violence against these migrants.  However, many Israelis also feel the weight of history here and are rightfully reluctant to deport anybody back to a country that persecutes them.  While it is true that the vast majority of these refugees are there for economic reasons and not to escape persecution and Israel has a right to enforce its own immigration laws, Israel must take the utmost precaution to ensure that any deportations are handled with care and humanity, and that they will not be persecuted upon their return to their home country.  Israel must also do its utmost to protect them from the violence which has ensued directed at them.



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