Jonathan Wolff Is Featured Speaker at KTW Lecture

Kentucky to the World™ (KTW), a multi-year series that features people with strong Kentucky connections who are known nationally but not often visible in Kentucky, will host Jonathan Wolff at an evening event on August 20, 5:30 p.m. at The Green Building.

Wolff is a Louisville native and a legend in the TV music business. The Emmy Award-winning composer for 75 prime time series including Seinfeld, Will & Grace, Who’s The Boss?, Married… with Children and Reba, has been named the composer of one of “the greatest theme songs of all time” by TV Guide Magazine and one of “the most unforgettable TV sounds” by Time Magazine.

Wolff, who walked away from Hollywood nine years ago to return to Louisville, will share the inside, fascinating story of his journey from growing up in Louisville to rising to the very top in the TV music industry. It will be complete with Hollywood stories and tips on how he got the jobs so many others didn’t. WFPL’s Devin Katayama, an award-winning journalist who hosts the midday show, will moderate the event.

“Jonathan is one of the most unique and highly successful TV music composers ever. He grew up in Louisville yet remains one of Louisville’s best-kept secrets. Many will be surprised to hear that coming from here in the early 70’s gave him an advantage when he got to Hollywood. His story is just what Kentucky to the World wants to reveal with its programs,” said KTW Founder Shelly Zegart.

A pioneer in his field, Wolff was one of the first composers to embrace the digital audio system ProTools, now an industry standard. He holds an impressive resume, which began with creating special musical material for episodes of popular shows like Love Boat, Fantasy Island, 21 Jump Street and Knots Landing and eventually included 43 TV Themes and composing full-time for 75 prime time series. It was his quirky theme song for Seinfeld, which had to be reworked weekly in order to match the timing of Jerry Seinfeld’s monologue, which propelled Wolff into high demand in Hollywood.

A limited number of tickets for the evening event, held in partnership with IdeaFestival® and its year-round learnng division IF University, are now on sale for $25 and will include appetizers by Wiltshire Pantry with a cash bar available.

Guests can purchase tickets for this exclusive event and learn more about the series at

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