Vaad Reports on Activities, Mikvah Updates, Staff Changes

President of the Vaad

The Vaad Hakashruth thanks the community for all of their support this past year during our hiring of a new Kashruth Administrator, Rabbi Evan Rubin and working through the many changes that occurred with overseeing kashruth in this area.

The agency also wants to thank those individuals that contributed to the Vaad without any solicitation. This shows the community is very supportive of the Vaad’s mission. The mission of the Louisville Vaad Hakashruth is to promote and provide kosher supervision within the community.

The Vaad just recently sponsored an elegant kosher dinner at the Hyatt Regency that 65 members of our community attended. There were only positive responses from the attendees. The chef and the Hyatt went out of their way to provide a delicious meal. The agency is pleased to be able to work with the Hyatt and use the kosher dishes that the Hyatt stores for the Vaad’s use. Fathers were recognized and given roses in recognition of Father’s Day.

Through Rabbi Rubin’s efforts and hard work, The Vaad has accomplished the following over the last six months:

• Worked with the JCC and supervising all foods prepared in the JCC kitchen for the Senior Adult Program and the many other functions at the JCC. The JCC has maintained kosher food for the outdoor café this summer at the pool area. Rabbi Rubin has helped make this happen by working with the staff at the Outdoor Café.

• Maintained contact with the Kroger management at the McMahan Center during all of their remodeling and helped them with promoting and providing kosher foods for the community.

• Communicated with the Jewish Hospital, with the help of Rabbi Laura Metzger. With only a few Jewish patients requesting kosher meals at Jewish Hospital, the Vaad has only provided service upon request.

• Communicated with Signature Four Courts in helping to provide kosher meals for their facility. Signature Four Courts has only one patient requiring kosher meals at this time, and the Vaad will continue to help facilitate this to happen as part of our mission.

The Vaad regrets to report that Rabbi Rubin and his wife, Kerry, will be leaving Louisville to become a Rabbi and Rebbetzin at their new shul in Toledo, OH. Rabbi Rubin has helped the Vaad with its many needs throughout this year. The Vaad wishes Rabbi Rubin much success in his new position.

It is the Louisville Vaad Hakashruth’s utmost desire to have a kosher bakery, butcher, restaurant or any other eating facility for our community. Only with your help and suggestions will this be possible. As many individuals that pass through the community looking for kosher food, the Vaad tries its best to guide them to what is available.

As of now, Graeters Ice Cream stores in our area are only approved by Star D out of Baltimore for the ice cream only. The Vaad is approaching the individual stores about oversight to help the managers ensure that they maintain kosher ingredients to be served with the ice cream.

The Vaad owns and maintains the community Mikvah, which has been professionally cleaned and many improvements have been made.

• The air conditioning and heating units have been upgraded.

• Improvements were made to keep insects and grass from entering the building.

• A new cover has replaced the old one over the Mikvah pool itself.

• A fan was replaced in the bathroom area and all new light bulbs were installed.

• A new bathtub has been installed for use before entering the Mikvah pool.

• A new programmable thermostat has been installed.

• New shower curtains and soap dispensers have been installed.

• Welcome mats have been upgraded.

• A new Mikvah Policy and Guidelines have been produced and published in Community with the help of Rabbi Michael Wolk and Rabbi Joshua Golding.

The Mikvah is used daily for religious bathing and also is used for conversions and immersion of utensils for use in preparing foods. The Mikvah is cleaned weekly and Mikvah pool is drained weekly.

The Vaad would like to thank everyone for their support all year long. Your financial help at this time will benefit the Vaad’s continued effort to maintain its mission of promoting and providing kashruth in the community. Please send contributions to the Louisville Vaad Hakashruth, P.O. Box 5362, Louisville, KY 40255-0362.

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