Two Finish Commit to be Fit

[By: Collin Fitzsimmons M.S., ACSM-CPT]

Commit to Be Fit, JCC’s versions of the Biggest Loser, concluded on May 16 with the final weigh-in. Participants Keren Benabou and Kat Gallagher worked with personal trainer Collin Fitzsimmons over the past 12 weeks on Monday evenings. Kat and Keren signed up for Commit to Be Fit in January looking for a way to increase the intensity of their workouts as well as their energy level to keep up with their 9-month-old girls.

The goal of Commit To Be Fit is to coach individuals towards a better life. All areas of wellness were covered. At the JCC, participants learned how to exercise and lift properly with the help of JCC Personal Trainers. At home, they learned to eat properly with the help of Weight Watchers e-Tools. The final results for the Commit to Be Fit program have been recorded. Over the last twelve weeks Keren and Kat have been weighing in every week, along with constantly being assessed for strength, endurance and above all, will power.  Kat Gallagher lost a total of 11 lbs, which is a total percentage weight loss of 6 percent body weight! Kat has also increased her strength over 400 percent on her two main lifts (squat and dead lift). Keren Benabou, our winner this year, lost a total of 12 lbs, which is 7.8 percent of her body weight! Keren has also increased her strength over 300 percent on her two main lifts, also squat and dead lift!

Keren and Kat worked very hard over the last several weeks and now get to reap the benefits of a healthier life and enjoy summer the way it is suppose to be enjoyed, complete with fun in the sun with their children and with a new-found appreciation for the work they did when the weather was cold. They both have overcome so much and are going to continue working hard exercising. To quote one of the best college football coaches: “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” -Lou Holtz


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