Costume Rental Terms


  • This Merchandise is not for sale. It is for rental purposes only.
  • Renter is responsible for picking up and returning all items rented from CenterStage to the Jewish Community Center. All rental services are by appointment only and renter is expected to call or email and schedule an appointment for every rental session, which includes browsing stock, picking up props, and returning props.
  • No rental services will be provided without an appointment.
  • Renter agrees to arrive promptly at the confirmed appointment time; lateness of more than fifteen minutes without notice will result in cancellation of the appointment. Appointments may be rescheduled, if requested, based on availability and at the discretion of CenterStage.
  • Actors are not to eat, drink (only water is okay), or smoke in costume.
  • All rentals are “as is” and may have some mild wear and tear. Any damaged pieces must be reported to CenterStage Artistic Director immediately and prior to use by the Renter. All unreported damage will be assumed responsibility of the Renter and will be charged for damage fees/replacement of items.
  • Renter assumes all responsibility for loss and/or damage of all items entered under this rental order by reasons of fire, flood, theft, or damage from any cause what so ever. In the event of loss and or damage the renter agrees to pay CenterStage such amounts as the CenterStage manager may determine for repairs/replacements of any of these items (said amount not to exceed the value of the articles as itemized and valued).
  • Renter agrees to return costumes in good condition, dry cleaned. When item(s) are returned soiled, the Renter will be charged for all dry cleaning and handling costs. Please include a copy of the dry cleaning receipt. If there is no receipt returned with the costumes, CenterStage assumes that the Renter did not dry clean the costumes and will charge the Renter for dry cleaning.
  • Items will not be altered, dyed, painted, or changed in any way. To do so will result in charges equal to the full replacement cost of the item(s). Alterations can only be made only with written permission from the CenterStage Artistic Director.
  • Additional rental charges will apply when items are not returned by the scheduled return date.
  • This agreement is not subject to cancellation or change without the written consent of the CenterStage. Orders pulled and then cancelled are subject to additional charges.
  • Renter agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless CenterStage, their boards of directors and employees from any and all claims of action, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees and other costs in investigating and defending same), which arise from or relate to any alleged copyright infringement, bodily injury or property damage caused by the use of rented costume items.
  • The Renter, or authorized agent for Renter, agrees that Renter assumes full financial responsibility for all costumes rented from CenterStage. By renting with us, you are agreeing to these terms in conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, please contact John Leffert to cancel your rental PRIOR to use. As above, the only cancellations that will be accepted without penalty are those with written permission by the CenterStage Artistic Director.