Teen Topics 10/08/10

[by Hayley Grossman]

This past month has been full of more than “ fall home improvements.” Here in Louisville, we have embarked on “fall Jewish youth group improvements.”

BBYO has had chapter meetings, board training, and paintball. Each of which helped make the boys chapter and girls chapter grow stronger and larger.

TiLTY recently led two amazing youth-oriented services for the High Holy Days. They were well planned, organized and had an interesting twist. The co-presidents, Jacob Emont and Jordan Golding, of TiLTY delivered the sermons, gave meaning to the High Holy Days. The services, written by TiLTY members were inspired and demonstrated the strength of The Temple Youth Group.

At Temple Shalom, Rebecca Waller, who loves youth group – called SHoRTY –explained that they are coming together with TiLTY and holding sub-regionals in Louisville! The theme is “Uncertainty; What Do You Fear?” Sub-regionals will be held October 29-31. It is a great opportunity to meet other Jewish youth and make fall improvements in your lives.

USY, Louisville’s Conservative Youth Group is also holding numerous events this term. President Miriam Amchin ably and enthusiastically leads the Derby Chapter.

They began to engage middle school students in order to encourage participation in high school youth groups. On October 28-31 there is a freshman and board member convention. USY expects to add members and have a busy year.

This past month the Jewish youth group participants and BBYO participants joined together in the Hunger Walk. As one, we had around 50 Jewish teens walk together. We all felt it was a good model for community involvement and cooperation.

We walked together for an important cause. This was a fall improvement we were proud of. We had fun too.

Coming up: October 24 is Jewish Teens in Action Community Service Day. Teens can earn Beta Club hours volunteering at different locations around the city. For more information, contact Justin Sadle, 238-2778.

Come and join your synagogue or temple youth group and BBYO this year and help us make a difference.

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