Strengthen Your Swing Before Spring Comes

Golf is a game of skill, and most players spend their whole lives trying to master it. Now, the Jewish Community Center is offering a golf conditioning class for men to help them achieve better scores along with better fitness.

Trainer Colin Fitzsimmons will teach the class, which will work to improve fitness in ways that will help participants’ golf game.

For a while now, Denise Joseph has been offering a popular women’s golf conditioning class, and the JCC decided it was time to expand the option to men.

With the rise of golf superstars like Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, the importance of lifting weights for golf has become more obvious, Fitzsimmons said.

“In the past, people never thought you’d have to lift weights for golf,” he said. “Conditioning is an important part of every sport. If you can limit your injuries, you’re going to perform better. The more in shape you are, the better you’ll do.”

The class will begin with conditioning, then move on to strength training, then will boost power, and will finish with stability and mobility, he said. Participants will receive taylor-made exercises to improve their game and ultimately strengthen themselves, helping them to become more efficient players.

“Even though golf starts in the spring, it’s a good way to kind of check yourself in preparation for next year,” Fitzsimmons said. “We’ll see where everybody is, give them a program to continue over the winter and get ready for spring.”

Fitzsimmons adds that he is not a swing coach, but he can make golfers more fit and strong.
“I can look at what you’re doing wrong and try to fix it with conditioning,” he said.
Longtime JCC member David Fuchs joined the class to improve his game.

He’s looking forward to seeing how it improves his scores and strengthens his swing. The retired salesman said he plays golf “all the time,” and the additional conditioning should help him get even better.

The class will be Tuesdays, September 1-29, 5-6 p.m. Cost is $90, $72 for members. Register today!

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