Review: Brigadoon

[by Shiela Steinman Wallace]

When I read the promotional material for Brigadoon, I was looking forward to a flight into fantasyland and a journey to an enchanted town that only appears once in 100 years and is threatened by the appearance of a pair of strangers on the one day they could be seen.

What I didn’t anticipate was a delightful story of love at first sight and the transformation of a character who moved from despair to hope, with a counterpoint of unrequited love and that led Harry Beaton (Jason Button) on a desperate dash for freedom, risking breaking the town’s enchantment.

Collette Delaney’s magnificent voice was icing on the cake. As Fiona, whenever she sang, she elevated the entire performance to a new level; and as usual, the rest of the cast delivered a stellar performance.

The show closes Sunday, November 7, so if you haven’t indulged yourself in this dramatic treat, you’d better call 459-0660 today and hope there’s still a ticket left for you lest the enchanted town vanish before you set eyes on it.

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