PYRO Gallery heats up JCC Patio Gallery

The Patio Gallery at the JCC will present work by members of PYRO Gallery in its next exhibition running Jan. 12 to Feb. 18, with an opening reception Jan. 12 from 2-4 p.m. 

PYRO Gallery, now celebrating its 10th anniversary, is one of the few remaining cooperative art galleries in Louisville. PYRO was formed as a cooperative gallery in 2003 by C.J. Pressma, Susan Moffett, Marilyn Whitesell, Scott Borden, Erin Devine and Mitch Eckert. Founding members named the gallery PYRO in honor of its initial location in a former firehouse.

Despite several moves since its inception (including to its current location at 909 E. Market St. in 2012), the coop has retained the name PYRO. The gallery’s purpose has also remained the same: To promote, sponsor and organize exhibits of art and to contribute to the professional development of artists in a positive environment.

The Patio Gallery exhibit will serve as a companion show to PYRO Gallery’s 10th anniversary exhibition which will run concurrently and feature more than 40 artists.

“While other co-operative galleries have existed in Louisville, many have not survived and PYRO still seems to be going strong, still on fire. The current members represent a broad mix of ages, styles and mediums and this exhibition reflects that exciting diversity,” said Bette Levy, who is the Patio Gallery director and artistic co-director of PYRO Gallery.

Artists represented by PYRO Gallery work in an eclectic array of 2- and 3-d mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, mixed media and photography.

Participating members of Patio Gallery’s PYRO show are: Keith Auerbach, Amanda Briede, Carrie Burr, Beverly Glascock, Kay Polson Grubola, Susan Harrison, Kim Huber, Shohei Katayama, Bette Levy, Bob Lockhart, Debra Lott, John McCarthy, Mike McCarthy, Gabrielle Mayer, Susan Moffett, Corie Neumayer, James Chip Norton, C.J. Pressma, Philip Rodriguez, Jeffrey Skinner and Wendi Smith.

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