Planning & Allocations Committee Covenant

The Jewish Community of Louisville’s Planning and Allocations Committee is responsible for allocating community funds raised through the JCL Annual Campaign, incorporating community planning in its decisions.

To begin the process in 2010, Planning and Allocations Co-Chairs David Klein and Joe Hertzman, working with facilitator Kelly Wesley, a partner in Trek Advancement, and committee members crafted a group covenant that will govern how the committee works, spelling out the expectations and responsibilities of the committee and its members.

A Group Covenant

  • What : Written – shared values, expectation and commitments
    • An agreement based on trust, made between group members which defines the group’s goals and the commitment required to meet the goals.
    • Defines the collective “rules of engagement”.
  • Why: Avoid unspoken agenda and unmet expectations
  • When: Create at the first meeting and review periodically
  • Elements:
    • Clear purpose -> Developing the purpose/mission of the Planning and Allocation Committee
    • Group participation
      • Attendance should be a priority
      • How to communicate absence
      • Set parameters for meeting time, location
    • Respectful Environment
      • Individuals feel comfortable communicating and heard
    • Confidentiality
      • Strict confidence
      • No meetings outside of the meeting
      • Does this foster trust within the group?
    • Accountability
      • Agreement to allow other members to hold each other accountable
    • Spiritual Health
      • Permission to live healthy, balanced spiritual lives
    • Building Relationships
      • Cross agency collaborators
    • Welcoming to newcomers and outside observers

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