Letter: Anshei Sfard synagogue is worth saving from the wrecking ball

I was born and raised in Louisville. I grew up going to the JCC and visiting the beautiful Anshei Sfard synagogue on holidays and Hebrew School field trips. My grandfather and father attended services at Anshei Sfard for much of my father’s young life. Anshei Sfard always remained a beacon of faith in this community and the last remaining symbol of Jewish Orthodoxy in Louisville.
The building on Dutchmans Lane may not have been the first building for Anshei Sfard, but it has been its home for the past 60 years and it has had an impact on numerous lives across Louisville.
I do not believe this building should be torn down. It has historical, architectural, artistic, religious, and personal significance and a building like this should be preserved for posterity. I am not suggesting that it needs to remain a synagogue; I simply believe it should remain intact for future generations to visit or view.
I am not completely sure what can be done to help, but we need to do something. We cannot sit idly by as the history of our city, our community, and the Jewish people is ripped away to make room for another development project that will most likely be too expensive for the people that currently live in the area.
We are at a time in our country when the heart and soul of the Jewish people is being attacked. It is in these times that we need to ensure safe spaces exist, not tear them down. As hateful men and women fight to preserve our nation’s most terrible pieces of history, someone needs to be there to fight for the best.
If you agree that the destruction of our history cannot go unstopped, please speak up. Write to your congressmen. Write to the mayor, post on social media. Tell anyone who will listen, and maybe together, this symbol of Judaism’s impact on Louisville will stand another day.

Ellie Baker

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