Let Your Voice Be Heard for the Munic Olympics

Forty Years Ago, Terrorists Murdered 11 Israeli Athletes during the Munich Olympics.

Despite a Groundswell of International Support, the IOC Has Declined to Include a Minute of Silence to Honor Those Victims in the Opening Ceremonies in London Next Friday

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Petition for Minute of Silence

The modern Olympic games are all about nations coming together through games and competitions in peace and friendship with politics being left outside.  However, 40 years ago this vision was shattered when Palestinian terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athlete hostages at the Olympic games in Munich.

For quite a while, there has been an expectation that at the opening ceremony of the London games next Friday night (on Shabbat), a minute of silence marking this horrible anniversary would be announced by the leadership of the International Olympic Committee, thus giving the entire world an opportunity to honor the victims for a moment.  But while the president of the IOC, Jacques Rogge, has agreed to attend a separate ceremony marking this anniversary, the IOC has steadfastly refused to make it a part of the opening ceremonies of the games.

President Obama has recently joined a chorus of world leaders (including the leadership of Germany, Australia, and Belgium) in asking that the Olympic committee reconsider and have this minute of silence.  Bob Costas, who will be the lead announcer for the opening ceremonies in this country, is baffled by the decision and is planning on calling out the IOC on air and having his own minute of silence as the Israeli athletes enter the stadium.  You can lend your voice to the chorus of world leaders, television announcers, and distinguished citizens of the world in asking the International Olympic Committee to reconsider by adding your name to this petition:

This petition was started by the widow of one of the Israeli athletes who was murdered in Munich.  SEND THIS PETITION TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

Lets hope that this petition will not fall on deaf ears and that there will be this moment of silence, and lets also hope that this will be the last time such a commemoration will be necessary.

Shabbat Shalom,

Matt Goldberg
Community Relations Director
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