KI Sunday School Class of ’54 Had Reunion

[by Phyllis Shaikun]

We’ve all heard of (and likely attended) at least one class reunion in our lives whether related to high school, college or professional school. But Evie Topcik and Bob Kohn decided to go one better when they arranged a November Sunday School reunion for their Keneseth Israel Synagogue Class of 1954.

“We were all so close,” Topcik explained, “and many of us still live in Louisville.” She and Kohn considered the idea and came to realize they had never heard of anyone holding a Sunday school reunion – until now. The two planned events throughout the weekend of November 5-7 and then got busy tracking down the people with whom they had lost contact.

Out of the original class of 17, two had died, but 12 of the members and their spouses quickly signed up to attend.

Louisvillians were joined by former classmates from as far away as Florida and Arizona, including Sharon Rabinowitz Ettkin, whose father had been the Keneseth Israel rabbi at the time the class was in Sunday School.

The weekend was, Topcik said, “the best of the best and could not have been lovelier.” Everyone got along, and the memories and good times just flowed.

Good conversation was shared at Friday night’s dinner at Bravo’s, where everyone stood up and offered a summary of their life’s experiences, and during dessert at Margie and Bob Kohn’s home. The camaraderie continued when the class participated in Shabbat services at KI on Saturday morning. Ivan (Pudgy) Marks spoke on behalf of the group. Following dinner at the Jewish Community Center’s Patio Gallery on Saturday, many in the group attended CenterStage’s production of Brigadoon.

Much of the talk at the farewell brunch at Evie and Chuck Topcik’s home on Sunday morning centered on the race classmate Jerry Shaikun and his wife, Laurie’s, horse had won the day before. They also consoled Shaikun’s cousin and fellow classmate, Kenny Rosenberg, whose horse sustained a loss in the same race.

When asked if the class planned another reunion, both Topcik and Kohn were noncommittal. Time will tell.

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