KI Opens Its Cemetery to Interfaith Couples

Congregation Keneseth Israel has decided to open its cemetery to interfaith couples.

“It’s not a revolution, but an evolution.” Those the words of Keneseth Israel’s Rabbi Joel Wasser when asked about K.I.’s decision to expand its cemetery to include interfaith couples.

He continued by adding, “It’s an affirmation of the basic tenant of Judaism that every human being is created in the image of G-d equally … an expression of that which is morally necessary.”

This decision was made with the understanding that many Louisville interfaith couples feel unwanted because they could not be buried next to the person with whom they shared a life.
Now, that has all changed.

Keneseth Israel president, Nathan Goldman stated, “Keneseth Israel is known in Louisville as ‘the welcoming congregation.’ The adoption if this policy is the logical step to take for our synagogue and recognizes the realities of the Jewish condition in America in the 21st century.”

For more information, call Rabbi Wasser at Keneseth Israel, 459-2780.

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