JCC Winter Camp Hunts for Treasure

At JCC Winter Camp, from December 21-December 31, kids can spend two weeks hunting for treasure instead of camping out in front of the TV.

“This is a structured, very well staffed camp with lots of fun activities that don’t involve your couch,” said Sr. Director of Camping and Youth Services Betsy Schwartz.

Winter Camp is divided into sessions for preschool kids (ELC) and K-6 campers (Keff Unit), and takes place Monday–Thursday both weeks of winter break. This year’s theme is Treasure Hunt.

Each day, all campers will seek precious prizes including a pot of gold, dinosaur bones and pirate booty.
Keff Unit also includes daily arts and crafts projects tied to the theme, swimming, activities in the gym, and two field trips. Campers need to bring lunch and a towel every day.

On Wednesday, December 23, Keff Unit will head to Iceland Sports Complex to play Broom Ball and search for “Fool’s Gold,” and on Wednesday, December 30, they’ll visit The Parklands of Floyd’s Fork for a time capsule activity.

The ELC Winter Campers will take part in the JCC’s regular preschool day with fun age-appropriate treasure hunt activities and games mixed in. “They learn through play,” Schwartz said. “When children are playing they’re learning team-building skills and more.” There will be no field trips for The ELC Camp, and space is very limited.

For more information and to register, contact Betsy Schwartz at bschwartz@jewishlouisville.org visit www.jewishlouisville.org/wintercamp

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