JCC Protocols Successfully Manage Emergency Situation

On Tuesday, July 21, we received an unconfirmed threat. The JCC emergency procedures were followed to evacuate the building. Everyone was evacuated quickly and calmly, no one was ever in danger. Our new ramp made the evacuation run smoothly especially for our seniors and our youngest campers.

LMPD responded promptly and made a thorough inspection of the building before the all clear was issued and everyone was allowed to reenter. The incident is currently under investigation, and an arrest was made on Wednesday.

I am proud of the way our members, visitors and staff responded to the situation. Everyone was calm, patient and understanding. The police handled the matter with the utmost of professionalism and gave the all clear in less than one and half hours. We are grateful for their efforts.

Please know that we will always act with an abundance of caution. Our emergency procedures are in place, reviewed regularly with everyone and are necessary in the world we live in. I would like to thank and commend our Senior Director of Membership and Wellness Tom Wissinger and Security Director Lindley Able who lead our preparedness team every day for both their diligence and leadership.

Sara Klein Wagner
President and CEO

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