Israel Strikes Gaza Vehicle after Kassam Attack

[Archived from February 06, 2009]

JERUSALEM, February 2, 2009 (JTA) – An Israeli missile struck a gunman’s vehicle in Gaza after mortar shells launched from the strip struck southern Israel.

The several shells fired from Gaza struck an open area Monday shortly before noon. Israel retaliated about a half-hour later, targeting the gunmen who fired the shells, according to the Jerusalem Post. A Kassam rocket hit a kibbutz in southern Israel Monday night.

The Israeli strike killed one gunman and wounded three others, Palestinian sources told the Israeli daily Ha’aretz.

Also Monday, Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian gunman in the southern Hebron Hills, thwarting a terror attack.

The Palestinian, who was sitting in a car, shot at soldiers at an army checkpoint, according to reports. Israeli soldiers returned fire, killing the gunman.

Army sources said the soldiers prevented a large-scale terrorist attack.

On Sunday, Israel struck targets in Gaza, including six tunnels in the Rafah area, after at least 15 Kassam rockets and mortar shells were fired into southern Israel.

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