Dear Senator Support Senate Bill 744

Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and immigration Modernization Act (Senate Bill 744)

Dear Senator:

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Louisville urges you to support the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and immigration Modernization Act (Senate Bill 744), as introduced by the so called “Gang of 8” in the U.S. Senate.

Our biblical tradition teaches that we are to treat the strangers that dwell among us as if they were our neighbors.  This important tenet from our tradition guides our thoughts on the immigration issue and it is what compels us to take a strong stand here.  This bill, while not perfect, goes a long way towards fixing a hopelessly broken Immigration system.  It most importantly provides the undocumented with a reasonable path to citizenship, allowing them to come out of hiding, to live their lives as law abiding, tax paying Americans.  This business friendly bill will add millions of people to our tax roll at a time when government costs are up and tax revenue is down. Senate Bill 744 also provides that children who came to the U.S. illegally through no fault of their own will be given paths to citizenship.  Furthermore, this bill allows for the increased border security that is necessary to ensure that anyone who does want to come into this country is properly processed and investigated.

Thank you for allowing this bill to pass through to discussion, we hope that you will support this bill as it is currently written.  We look forward to the time when this bill is adopted and millions of undocumented immigrants will take their place as legal and productive citizens of America.

With regards,

Ayala Golding, Chair

Jewish Community Relations Council

Matthew Goldberg, Director

Jewish Community Relations Council

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