Campaign and Foundation Funding Create Opportunities

Thank you to everyone who has generously contributed to the 2014 Federation Campaign.

Summer is just around the corner. Everything is in bloom; the trees, flowers and shrubs; the grass is turning greener and the birds are singing songs; the evening sun drops below the horizon after 9 now and soon sunset will be closer to 10.

This summer will also bring many wonderful programs, events and services to the Louisville Jewish community. JCC day camp and a myriad of Jewish overnight camp options are plentiful. There are many teen summer Israel programs available. Through the generosity of some of our donors we are able to offer financial assistance to the families with children interested in these programs.

In this issue of Community, we are also pleased to announce that the Jewish Foundation of Louisville will resume making grants from unrestricted endowments to benefit local Jewish community organizations. We have set aside $25,000 for Jewish Community Impact Grants that will be available to Louisville-based Jewish organizations to support cultural, educational, leadership development and social services within the local Jewish community. Learn more here.

This is what being a Jewish community is about. Our vision is to fulfill the needs of the Jewish Community. Community Impact Grants are a beginning. We are also working on securing grants to enable us to help all the agencies and organizations in the community build and enhance their own Jewish Legacy programs. Our goal is to assure the continuation of the programs and services we as a community provide to our constituents.

As Jews we have an obligation to take care of our community. We need to reach out and discover what challenges those at risk in our community are dealing with every day and do our best to help provide the services they need. That is what being a community is about, and that is what we try to accomplish through our annual Federation Campaign.

This week the Planning and Allocations Committee met to discuss how the funds available from the Campaign should be distributed throughout the community.

To enable them to make informed decisions, we provided the committee with what we believe to be the final number for the Campaign after all pledges are received. There is still time to make a difference. If we underestimated the total amount of our pledges, we can go back to the committee and let them know there are additional funds available for allocation. We will still accept new pledges.

For those of you who have made your pledges to this year’s Federation Campaign, thank you for your generosity. For those who have not yet had this opportunity, I encourage you to contact us soon so your contribution can have an impact in our community during the next year.

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