Beshear recognizes Anti-Semitism Awareness and Mitigation Month in Kentucky

Gov. Andy Beshear said his proclamation against anti-Semitism is only the first step to be taken against hatred of the Jews.

Gov. Andy Beshear has recognized March as Anti-Semitism Awareness and Mitigation Month.
In a two-minute video posted Monday to Twitter, Beshear appealed to Kentuckians to “help protect our people,” noting “troubling trends” of anti-Semitic acts in the commonwealth.
He singled out the Dec 12 incident at a Chanukah menorah lighting at the University of Kentucky Jewish Student Center, when a motorist who stopped to shout slurs at the gathering dragged one participant while driving off, severely injuring the man.
“Let me be clear, this hate has absolutely no place in the commonwealth,” Beshear said. He added, “As a person of faith, I will not stand by while a group of our people are threatened for practicing their beliefs.”
Beshear also said he was “proud” of the General Assembly for adopting resolutions condemning anti-Semitism.
The complete video is posted here.…/status/1366427290482147330

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