AJ’s Rabbi Corber Shares Insight on First High Holy Day Service in Louisville

Rabbi Joshua Corber

By Community Staff

As only the fourth rabbi in Adath Jeshurun’s 160 year-plus history, AJ’s newest rabbi, Joshua Corber, certainly does not take his role lightly in leading his first High Holy Day services in Louisville. Especially considering that this year’s services follow two years of virtual and at-home Zoom viewing following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corber explained in an interview before Rosh Hashanah that he is looking forward to making the services “interactive and engaging.” He looks forward to providing points throughout the service that will allow congregants to tune in personally to their own spirituality.

He further defines this ‘tuning in’ as actively engaging the congregation in a time for all to offer an intention as they reflect on what they are feeling and hearing.

In a March, 2022 Community article, Corber spoke candidly about his offbeat and laid-back personality and his desire to make meditation a part of AJ life. At the time, he said, “I’m an out-of-the-box individual; there is almost nothing normal about me.” Since becoming the spiritual leader at AJ, Corber has led regular meditation sessions in person and on Zoom.

Going into the High Holy Days services, Corber is looking forward to some things that may be a little different.

He certainly understands that this year’s services may be ‘new’ for some because many may not have been back to in-person services since the start of the pandemic. And he knows that some congregants may be nervous.

He says that he hopes to help all feel excited and comfortable to come back in person.

From a personal standpoint, Corber says that the High Holy Days are such a unique time for him, especially Rosh Hashanah. He shared that personally he will “have a space for reflection” on the second day, following the services.  At that time, he will “take spiritual illumination as it comes.”

Corber also shares that he and his family who have been living in Louisville permanently since July 2022, have felt very embraced by the community and are loving the charm of community and the acceptance of the AJ congregation.

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