25th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Thursday, December 6 is the 25th anniversary of the Freedom Sunday March in 1987, the largest-ever gathering of Americans rallying for the freedom of people in another nation. The Mobilization for Soviet Jewry brought 250,000 people to the National Mall in Washington to call for the freedoms of an open society—and in doing so changed the course of history. The Jewish Federations played a pivotal role in organizing the event and bringing tens of thousands of participants.

Freedom 25 was established in partnership with the Jewish Federations, to raise awareness and continue the legacy of the Soviet Jewry Movement. We invite you to watch our video about the historic march. Visit the new Freedom 25 website to learn more, and join our “virtual march” by sharing your own reflections.

For more information on this historical event and to find out how you can participate, visit the Freedom 25 website.

freedom 25

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