2009 Chabad Purim

[Archived from March 20, 2009]

Tuesday evening, March 10, at the conclusion of the Jewish Festival of Purim, Louisville took part in an international celebration of Judaism. The local event, called Purim in London, was held at the Frazier Historical Museum. Over 150 people took part in the festivities, which connected Jews in Louisville to Jews in London and around the world. The event was sponsored by Chabad of Kentucky.

Today London is home to over 300,000 Jews. There are numerous Synagogues across the UK with Chabad playing a very strong role in the current revival of Jewish life there. However, for 400 years, beginning in the year 1290, Jews had been expelled from all of England. A comical skit was presented depicting this historical event along with the joyous reintroduction of Jews into the country in 1690.

The celebration depicted London in all its grandeur. There were guests dressed as kings and queens and other English notable characters.

The kosher dinner presented London fare and the live Jewish music was presented by a musician originally from the UK. Traditional Jewish songs as well as modern adaptations using tunes from the Beatles were enjoyed by one and all.

In future years, Louisville’s Chabad plans to continue to highlight other Jewish communities for its annual Purim celebration. Next year “Purim in Shanghai” and “Purim in Paris” are currently being considered.

To join the committee for this international celebration or to make any suggestions for these upcoming communal events, please call Rabbi Avrohom Litvin at 235-5770.

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