YAD Co-Chairs Benabou and Nibur Focus on Outreach and Building for the Future

Keren Benabou and Laurence Nibur are co-chairs of the Jewish Federation of Louisville’s YAD (Young Adult Division) for the 2015 Federation Campaign, and both are very serious about reaching out to young adults in the community and making them feel welcome.

“Please be willing to have conversations with your YAD co-chairs and cabinet members,” Nibur said. “We want to understand what makes Louisville’s Jewish community relevant to you and your family.”

Benabou also stressed the importance of ensuring that participating is YAD is meaningful. “The Campaign helps us do the things we want to do in the community,” she said, “but first we have to have a strong community.”

“We recognize that YAD covers a huge age range,” Nibur added, “and we want to find inclusive activities and meaningful events for all age groups.” He recognizes that not every event will appeal to every YAD member, but hopes to offer everyone the opportunity to be “involved in the way you feel comfortable. That is what matters.”

Both Benabou and Nibur are excited about working with Hilary Zappin, the new YAD director. Nibur described her as “an experienced development professional from another small community,” and Benabou added, “she is such a strong lady with goals and ambition. She knows how the community works and how to get where we want to go with YAD.”

The co-chairs also promise exciting YAD events coming soon.

Keren Benabou

This is Benabou’s second year as YAD co-chair.

Benabou moved to Louisville from Israel about seven years ago.

She served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) for six years, and earned the rank of captain in the intelligence force.

Benabou is a real estate agent. She has also taken some courses at the University of Louisville, studying economics and enjoys working out regularly with a trainer at the JCC.

She and her husband, Yariv, have two daughters, Lia and Shylee.

Co-chairing YAD is important to her because in Israel it was easy to be Jewish. Almost everyone around her was Jewish and Jewish practices like kashrut were the norm. In Louisville, the situation is very different.

While she and her family practice Judaism in their home, “It’s not enough,” she said. “I want my daughters to socialize with Jewish kids … and to do things in the community, at the JCC and in the synagogues so they can grow up as Jewish as they can.”

The Federation Campaign supports the JCC, the religious schools and other critical Jewish experiences.

Laurence Nibur

A graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business who holds a dual Bachelors of Science in finance and marketing, Nibur also brings 13 years of Fortune 250 experience in corporate finance and project management and a record of dedication to the Jewish community to the treasurer’s position.

Nibur grew up in Louisville, attended Eliahu Academy, was active in BBYO program, and is served on the Jewish Community Center’s Board of Directors. During his time on IU’s Bloomington campus, Nibur was very active in Hillel.

Today, he works for Kindred Healthcare.

Nibur is a member of the Jewish Community of Louisville’s Board of Directors and just completed his term as treasurer of the agency. He is a member of the JCL’s Jewish Community Relations Council and co-chaired the Super Sunday for the 2008 Campaign.

He’s also a member of The Temple and is a youth group adviser for TiLTY, the congregation’s high school youth group.

Nibur has a very strong connection to Israel as well. “Almost all of my extended family live in various parts of Israel. I’ve been a dozen times and look forward to going back.”

Nibur and his wife, Laura, who married in November, have four children, Hunter, 16; Heath, 8; Isabela, 6; and Sloan, 5. He describes his family as interfaith and welcomes interfaith dialogue through YAD.

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