We Have the Power to Determine What Happens Now and into the Future

Is this going to be another article for Community connected to another weather analogy? Not quite.

But as I sit here writing this article there is a raging morning snowstorm creating a winter wonderland outside. I know this is not a very Kentucky sentiment, but for a New England boy who now calls Louisville home, this weather brings a big smile to my face. I have always viewed storms as Mother Nature showing us the power and beauty of something we cannot control. Although my ‘analogy’ is about something beautiful in Louisville, the comparison really stops there.

Louisville is a beautiful community that offers a quality of life difficult to find in other metro areas across North America. Jewish Louisville provides even more beauty through the programs and services, culture and traditions, friendships and family that surround us all.

We are a strong community that pulls together to help not only our fellow Jews, but everyone in this community, nationally, and, when possible, globally. So like a winter storm, we see a lot of beauty when we look around. The difference is that we CAN control the future of Jewish Louisville. WE have the power to determine what happens now and into the next generation.

This Sunday is Super Sunday for the2014 Annual Federation campaign. This is a day when we all, young, old and in between, join together in an effort to raise additional funds for the annual campaign so we might be able to provide more dollars to our constituent agencies and to fund other mission driven programs to benefit the entire community.

As a community we all work hard to provide programs and services the community needs, desires and deserves. We collectively provide cultural activities and opportunities for everyone to experience both local Louisville traditions and celebrations, but also to pass on the joys and traditions of our heritage and our ancestors.

We also provide services to help those in need in our community with programs such as JFCS Food Pantry; JCC Senior nutrition and socialization programs; JFCS Family counseling services; financial assistance to enable Jewish children to experience Jewish overnight camp and teen summer trips in Israel; active Hillel experiences for our young college-aged adults on local campuses; and many more opportunities for all age groups who are looking to be engaged.

Our goal this year is to raise $2.3 Million. This represents a 10 percent increase over the funds raised last year.

There is so much more we can accomplish if we raise the fund necessary. We welcome you to join us at Super Sunday to reach out and ask others to join us by doing One Mitzvah.

If you cannot join us on Sunday, please answer the call when our volunteers call and ask for your support. We need everyone to step up to strengthen our community. Together we do extraordinary things. Will you join us?

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