Review: The Gospel According to Mark

[by Shiela Steinman Wallace]

There is something endearing about Mark Twain. The author’s straightforward, down-to-earth witticisms and observations help us look at the world with a bit of humor and a dose of humility.

J.R. Stuart’s The Gospel According to Mark, performed at CenterStage, dished out a heapin’ helping of Twain that painted a clear picture of life along the Mississippi as the author knew it, and an excerpt from Huckleberry Finn highlighted the moral difficulties of slavery in pre-Civil War America.

Stuart’s portrayal of the irascible old man that he developed from Twain’s works and words, was a fitting and engaging tribute to the great writer and provided a delightful evening of entertainment. And thank’s to the actor/playwright’s generosity, all proceeds of the two shows went to support CenterStage.

The Gospel According to Mark was a wonderful season extra.

Next up: The Fantasticks, which opens September 8.

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