Rae Ringel coaches Federation Campaign volunteers on effective communication

[by Shiela Steinman Wallace, Editor, Community]

In many congregations, when an individual reads or chants from Torah, the gabbai at his/her side reading from the vocalized text. If a mistake is made, the gabbai tells the reader, who then goes back and reads the text correctly before proceeding.

The gabbai is a position of honor and respect in the community and is responsible for ensuring that the Torah reader doesn’t make a mistake in sharing the sacred words with the congregation.

Did you know that most Jewish communities had another leader who filled a position of honor and respect to which many aspired? That position was the gabbai tzedakah, and the office holder was in charge of the community’s fundraising campaign.

On Thursday, October 17, at Austin’s, Rae Ringel, one of the best executive coaches and leadership trainers in the country, told a group of volunteers for Louisville’s 2014 Campaign that the legacy of the gabbai tzedakah is theirs and they should be proud of the work they do. Ringel also worked with the group, offering strategies to help everyone become more effective communicators and offered pointers that will help them succeed in their work for the Campaign as they inspire others to take action and support the efforts of the community.

One of the keys to this success is that no one should ask someone else for a gift until they have made their own commitment, so Campaign Chair Doug Gordon asked those in attendance to make their own commitments. The group responded, and $30,000 was raised that night.

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