Picture This: Archives Committee Meets

More than 20 community members gathered at the Glenview on Sunday, Nov. 14, to help the Jewish Community of Louisville Archives Committee identify subjects of photos from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Hosted by Frankye Gordon, hundreds of individuals, and places, were identified, aiding the committee with its preparation of the Jewish Community of Louisville photograph collection, which will be curated by the Jewish Archives at the Filson Historical Society. Abby Glogower, curator of Jewish collections at the Filson, is assistibg the committee. Pictured here from the top left image, Frank Weisberg and Rita Glick; Frankye Gordon and Elaine Bornstein; Glogower, Margie Kohn and Jaye Bittner; Barbara Gordon, Jane Goldstein and David Friedman; Harris Berman and Carl Bensinger; Below, right, Filson volunteer Rabbi Stanley Miles presents his work on the Abramson family collections to a November meeting of JCL Archives Committee, held at the Filson Historical Society.  To learn more about Jewish collections and resources at the Filson, Including the complete digital archive of Community newspaper, visit Filsonhistorical.org/collections/jewish-collections/




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