Louisville teen leaders excel at latest BBYO Regional Convention

Lucy Calderon (left), Jacob Ioffe and Ava Schumacher were elected to the BBYO Kentucky Indiana Ohio Regional Board during its recent convention in Indianapolis. (photo by Kari Semel)

Louisville BBYO leaders were acknowledged for their hard work during the Kentucky Indiana Ohio (KIO) Regional Convention in January.
Thirty Louisville teens traveled to Columbus, Ohio, for the convention, which signaled the start of a new programming term and focused on the 64th KIO Regional Board election. The convention also honored outgoing regional board and chapter leaders.
Outgoing KIO Regional Mazkir/Gizbor Max Strull, of Drew Corson AZA, helped to install the new regional board, which includes three Louisville teen leaders:
Lucy Calderon of Jay Levine BBG was elected regional sh’licha, the vice president of Jewish heritage, community service and social action. Ava Schumacher, also of Jay Levine BBG, was elected regional mazkirah/gizborit, secretary and treasurer alongside Jacob Ioffe of Drew Corson AZA.
Four Louisville teens were recognized for their efforts during the regional banquet and awards ceremony: Lucy Calderon was awarded KIO Mensch of the Year for her work within the chapter and region. Alex Salamon and Liz Hemmer were awarded KIO Sh’lichim of the Year for their service as chapter Vice President of Jewish Heritage, Social Action and Community Service. Emily Renco was awarded KIO BBG of the Year for her living the values of the B’nai B’rith Girls and passing them on to the chapter members.

After KIO Regionals, Louisville BBYO held its 2018 leaders:
Drew Corson AZA Chapter Board:
Godol (President): Drew Goldstein
S’gan (Vice President of Programming): Matthew Melendez
Moreh (Vice President of Recruitment, Retention and New Member Education): Ethan Tuvlin
Shaliach (Vice President of Jewish Heritage, Community Service and Social Action): Eli Resnik
Gizbor (Treasurer): Harrison Russman
Mazkir (Secretary): Ethan Koby
Kohen Godol (Past President): Jacob Ioffe
Jay Levine BBG Chapter Board:
N’siah (President): Emily Renco
S’ganit (Vice President of Programming): Jilly Lustig
Morah (Vice President of Recruitment, Retention, and New Member Education): Lauren Lanzet
Sh’licha (Vice President of Jewish Heritage, Community Service, and Social Action): Liz Hemmer
Gizborit (Treasurer): Hannah Geller
Mazkirah (Secretary): Danielle Evans
Madricha (Past President): Ava Schumacher

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