The Letter I Never Sent

Stop wishing you had said something…

Get on stage and actually say it!

Is there something you wish you said to: A Parent, an Ex, a Boss, a Friend, a Landlord, an In-Law, a Teacher, a Crush, a Bully, a Grandparent, a Pet, a Celebrity

CenterStage and J Arts & Ideas present The Letter I Never Sent

Letter Submission Deadline February 4


  • Write a letter to someone in your life based on actual experience and what you wish you could say to the recipient
  • Submissions are open to the public
  • No entry fee
  • Must be able to read the letter in person, onstage March 2 (show open to the public)
  • Attend one or two coaching sessions at the J between February 1-February 25, with one final tech and mike check the morning of March 2.
  • Formatting:
    • Typed, size 12 font, no longer than 3 pages single spaced
    • Saved as your first name, last name, letter to [role in your life]. “Frank Goodloe Letter to My Cat
  • Content
    • Mature language is fine
    • Use an alias, no real names.
      • Mom, Dad, etc. is okay. Real first and last names are not.
    • Do not say anything untrue or doxxing
      • No fictional events or experiences
      • Do not disclose anyone’s address, workplace, distinctive physical characteristics, etc.
    • Failure to follow formatting/content rules will result in automatic dismissal
  • 12-20 submissions will be chosen to read at the show.
  • The show will be 90 minutes in length with a 15 minute intermission
  • Status of letters for final show sent by February 8
  • Letters will not be used in any promotional manner, unless given permission by the author
  • All participants are volunteers. There is no compensation to participate.


Performance date: March 2, 2019, 7:30-9:30, reception to follow



Tickets: $18, limited to 250 seats.


Tymika Prince, longtime CenterStage performer, came to us with the idea of The Letter I Never Sent. Based on similar ideas such as a popular blog, the key difference is that the author would actually stand up and read their letter to an audience. We loved it!

As people, we have shared experiences that bind us: love, heartache, regret, hope, loyalty, rejection, friendship, family, enemies, jealousy…

We all have words we can’t say. Maybe the person has passed away, or they moved or moved on. Perhaps the cost is too high: your job, your friendship, your marriage. Or have you tried to find the words yet?

We want to give participants a moment to let it out and let it go, and more importantly, share their story with the audience. We all have similar feelings and experiences, so let’s stop the silence and start talking!