Bat Mitzvah Project

Hello. My name is Miriam Shir. I will be having my bat mitzvah on November 9, at 10:30 a.m. at Temple Shalom. Please come and celebrate with me! We will serve a dairy lunch after the service.

My service project is donating money and items to the Kentucky Humane Society. I have always loved animals. My goal in life is to one day become a veterinarian, helping animals of all kinds (mostly dogs). I am a vegetarian because I don’t want to eat any animals; I always think about how they were killed.

I decorated a collection box that is sitting in the lobby of Temple Shalom. Please bring dog and cat food, treats, or toys to Temple Shalom through November 9. I am so amazed at how many donations have already piled up in the box. My mom has already filled up our van with donations so there can be room for more!

My D’var Torah will be talking about a selfish act towards G-d. My Torah reading centers on Jacob’s ladder and how Jacob says he will do great things for G-d, but G-d has to make him wealthy and have lots of children in return. I think service should be done without asking anything in return. You should do acts of kindness just because.
Miriam Shir

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