Join the Party! Zumba Is Back

[by Ben Goldenberg]

The Latin-fused dance craze, Zumba, is returning to the Jewish Community Center. Starting July 5th, everyone can workout with an easy-to-follow, Lain influenced, dance class.

“Zumba is a cardio intense workout,” says Lyna Pena, JCC Zumba Instructor. “You use a lot of your core area with the moves to salsa, merengue, cumbias, and sambas. With Zumba you don’t realize you are working out because it feels like a dance party.”

Pena started teaching Zumba 3 years ago and has seen the rise of the popular workout craze. She says you don’t have to be a dancer to find the beat, “We will go over modified steps such as low, mid and high impact to ensure all participants will safely benefit from Zumba… It is so much fun that you don’t know you are working out. Before you know it class is over and an hour has gone by. No dance experience is necessary. Everyone is too busy looking at me, my steps, or looking at themselves in the mirror to notice what any one else is doing around them.”

Pena’s favorite Zumba move is called “destroza,” which translates to destroy or destroyer. It is from the Reggaeton style of Zumba. [The move makes] “you feel empowered to destroy any obstacles or challenges you are trying to overcome.”


Zumba classes at the JCC start Tuesday, July 5, and meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 until Thursday, July 28. A second session will start the next week from Tuesday, August 2, until Thursday, August 30. The cost for members is $40 per session, non-members cost $50 per session. To sign up, call the Health & Wellness desk at 238-2727.

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