JCL Annual Meeting Is September 19

The community is invited to the Jewish Community of Louisville’s Annual Meeting, Sunday, September 19, at 6:30 p.m.  NEW VENUE: Jewish Community Center. RSVP with Paula at (502) 618-5302 or online by clicking here.


Please come help the JCL honor the annual award winners, including Ottenheimer Award winner Police Chief Robert White, Joseph J. Kaplan Young Leadership Award winner Dr. Julie Ellis, Lewis W. Cole Memorial Young Leadership Award winner Dr. Jeff Tuvlin, Ronald and Marie Abrams Volunteer of the Year Award winner Fred Gross, Arthur S. Kling Award winners Dotty Battoe and Doug Gordon and Elsie P. Judah Award Winner Esther Zegart.

Ellen Faye Garmon Award Winner Jacob Spielberg, Stacy Marks Nisenbaum Award winners Hayley Grossman and Talia Wagner, Stuart Pressma Student Leadership Award winners Sam Cohen, Max Oppenheimer and Nathan Spielberg and Joe Fink Award winner Sarah Ensign will also be honored for their leadership in BBYO.

The Annual Meeting will also be an opportunity to meet Stu Silberman, JCL’s new president and CEO, and his wife, Alison.

Members of the JCL’s Board of Directors and officers will be elected at that time. The Nominating Committee, chaired by Craig Greenberg, has nominated David N. Klein as board chair, Douglas Gordon and Jeffrey Tuvlin as vice board chairs, and Karen Abrams as Secretary.

The position of treasurer has not been filled at this time. Allan Latts, the current treasurer, has agreed to remain in that position until it is filled.

Desserts will be served.

Information about Esther Zegart and more information about the Annual Meeting will be published soon.


Report of the Nominating Committee Jewish Community of Louisville, Inc.

JCL Board Slate Announced

Craig Greenberg, chair of the Nominating Committee of the Jewish Community of Louisville, Inc., announced the following slates for election at the Annual Meeting of the Jewish Community of Louisville, to be held September 19, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at Standard Country Club.

Nominated to serve as officers of the Board for 2010-2011

David N. Klein, Board Chair
Douglas Gordon, Vice Board Chair
Jeffrey Tuvlin, M.D., Vice Board Chair
Karen Abrams, M.D., Secretary

Nominated for terms on the 2010-2011 Board of Directors

Nominated for a 2-Year Term
Stuart Goldberg
Alex Rosenberg

Nominated for a 3-Year Term
Greg Davidoff
Julie Ellis, M.D.
Angeline Golden
David Kaplan
Kate Latts
Helene Kramer Longton
Leon Wahba
William Yarmuth

Remaining on the Board
Ronald Abrams*
Madeline Abramson
Lee Benovitz
Sheila Berman
Bruce Blue**
Edwin Cohen*
Terry Cohen, M.D.
Myrle Davis**
Joseph Fineman*
Harry Geller
Edwin Goldberg*
Ayala Golding
Nathan Goldman**
Toni Goldman*
Jane Goldstein*
Frankye Gordon*
Sandra Hammond*
Joseph Hertzman
Dennis Hummel*
Alfred Joseph III*
Marshall Kahn*
Kathy Karr
Arlene Kaufman*
Howard Klein, DMD*
Jay Klempner
David Kling*
Robert Kohn*
Andrea Koven**
David Leibson*
Shannon Levine
Stephen Linker*
Rabbi Stanley Miles***
Mark Oppenheimer**
Fanny Rose Rosenbaum*
Marcia Roth*
Martin Ruby*
Susan Rudy
Amy Ryan
Robert Sachs*
Marcia Schuster*
Michael Shaikun
Steven Shapiro*
Jill Simon*
Gerald D. Temes, M.D.*
Scott Trager
Edward B. Weinberg*

*Past President
**Congregational Representative
***Board of Rabbis & Cantors Representative

Additional nominations may be submitted by petition to the JCL Secretary with a minimum of 36 signatures by JCL Members in good standing at least ten days prior to the annual meeting.

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